78 Derngate milestones and occupantsDates Key events
78 Derngate constructed; one of three houses built by William Mobbs

Road then known as ‘Bedford Street’.
1st recorded occupant:
Mrs Armitage.
2nd recorded occupant:
William Wood – auctioneer.

Road by now known as ‘Waterloo’.
3rd recorded occupant:
'Widow Sawbridge'.

(date unknown)
1851Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London.
1859WJBL’s Grandfather, Absalom Bassett founds engineering firm.
1861William Morris & Co founded
US Civil War.
4th recorded occupant:
Jonathan E. Ryland – author, editor and translator.
1861-711871 Paris Commune.
Road now known as ‘Waterloo Terrace’.1864E.W Godwin designs Northampton Guildhall.
1865Margaret Macdonald (MMM) born - Tipton.
1868Peter Behrens born
 - Hamburg.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh (CRM) born - Glasgow.
1877W.J Bassett-Lowke (WJBL) born.
1884CRM begins architectural training.
5th recorded occupant:
John E. Mawbey, Schoolmaster.
1885Florence Jane Jones (FJBL) born.
6th recorded occupant:
William Freeman.
7th recorded occupant:
John E. Mawbey, Schoolmaster
1889CRM joins Honeyman and Keppie.
1890CRM wins scholarship and travels to Italy.
1891‘The Four’ exhibit in London, Vienna and Turin.
1893CRM designs Glasgow Herald Newspaper building.
8th recorded occupant: William Barrett / Burritt / Barritt1893-1901
Road by now known as ‘Derngate’.1896
1897CRM designs Glasgow School of Art and Queens Cross Church.
1891WJBL leaves school and works in an architects office.
1896WJBL joins his father’s engineering business.
1898WJBL begins selling model engineering parts.
1899CRM designs Windyhill, Kilmalcolm
First Bassett-Lowke catalogue with pasted in photographs.
1900International Exhibition, Paris.

WJBL visits Paris Exhibition and makes German contacts
CRM and MMM marry in Glasgow.
CRM exhibits at Vienna Secession.
1901CRM and MMD design Warndorfer Music Salon in Vienna and Exhibition Room in Moscow
Queen Victoria dies.
9th recorded occupant:
Sarah Burritt / Barratt
1901-03CRM designs House for an Art Lover, Hill House and Willow Tea Rooms.
1902First Bassett-Lowke catalogue with printed photographs.
1904CRM designs Scotland Street School.
1906Deustche Werkbund founded.
10th recorded occupant:
Harriet Matthews
1907Victoria & Albert Museum opens.
11th recorded occupant:
Annie Matthews
1908WJBL opens London shop.
12th recorded occupant:
Benjamin George Brock
1911CRM designs Cloister Room and Chinese Room at Ingram Street Tea Rooms, Glasgow.
13th recorded occupant: Mrs Hannah Smith1910-13
14th recorded occupant: Walter Hamson1913-15
1913CRM leaves Honeyman and Keppie.
1914CRM and MMM move to Walberswick, Suffolk.
Outbreak of First World War ( July ).

1915CRM and MMM move to Chelsea.
They work on designs for fabrics, furniture and book covers
. CRM produces several paintings featuring cut flowers set against backdrops.
WJBL is founder member of Design & Industries Association.
15th recorded occupant:
Harrison (1 July).
1916J.T Lowke buys 78 Derngate as wedding gift for son WJBL
CRM works on designs for remodelling of 78 Derngate and ‘The Dug Out’ at the Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow.
WJBL joins Fabian Society
Battle of the Somme.
191630 Dec. Plot of land purchased. 33ft 6in length, 26ft wide at north and 25ft at south, at rear of 78 and 80 Waterloo formerly part of the garden of 74.
16th recorded occupants:
W.J Bassett-Lowke & 
F.J Bassett-Lowke.
1917WJBL marries Florence Jane Jones (FJBL) - March.
1919CRM designs memorial fireplace for ‘The Dug Out’ at The Willow Tea Rooms.
1920CRM produces architectural designs for studios and theatre in Chelsea.
1921CRM designs revised scheme for Hall Lounge at 78 Derngate ( date approx )
WJBL founds Ship Models Ltd and becomes founder member of Northampton Rotary Club.
1922CRM designs Christmas card for WJBL.
1923CRM and MMM leave London and move to Port Vendres, South of France to work on Landscape painting.
1924WJBL Commissions Peter Behrens to design ‘New Ways’.
1925Dessau Bauhaus opens, Germany.
17th recorded occupant:
Harold Moore Scrivener 
1926WJBL and FJBL move to New Ways
WJBL is a founder Director of Northampton Repertory Theatre.
1927CRM returns to London to receive treatment for cancer.
1928CRM dies – cremated at Golders Green, London.
1929Wall Street crash.
1933MMM dies.

Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.
1934Hitler becomes Fuhrer of Germany.
18th recorded occupant:
Miss Emphlett / Amphlett
1936WJBL elected Labour Councillor.

Edward VIII abdicates.
1939Outbreak of Second World War ( September ).
1945Second World War ends ( September ).
1947Bassett-Lowke Ltd receives commission from The Cunard White Star Line to construct a scale model of the ‘Queen Elizabeth’ liner; it takes one year to build.
19th recorded occupant:
Florence Beatrice Burgess.
1951WJBL exhibits at Festival of Britain.
1953W.J Bassett-Lowke dies.
20th recorded occupants:
K Ward Publicity ( 1966 - late 1970s ).
76, 78 and 80 Derngate Listed Grade II. 9th December.1968
21st recorded occupants:
Victoria Wine Co.
Late 1970s
1973Florence Jane Bassett-Lowke dies.
76, 78 and 80 Derngate included in The National Heritage List for England. 22nd January.1976
22nd recorded occupants:
Northampton High School for Girls.
1980s – 90s
76, 78 and 80 Derngate now Listed separately in The National Heritage List for England. 78 Derngate is upgrade to Grade: II*. 11th October.1989
Northampton High School for Girls vacates.1993
Northampton Borough Council takes ownership.199625th July.
23rd recorded occupants:
78 Derngate Northampton Trust.
1998 - 12th June
2003The restored 78 Derngate opens to the public.
80 Derngate rebuilt and opens to the public as a supporting museum space.
82 Derngate partially refurbished and opened to form visitor reception and shop.
2007The fully restored and remodelled 82 Derngate opens to the public providing visitor reception, shop, restaurant, gallery and office accommodation - May.
2013HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, visits 78 Derngate to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its opening to the public.
2017Centenary Exhibition 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh & The Great War' is held at 78 Derngate - Feb - Apr.

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