No 78 Derngate Northampton & adjoining properties Nos 80 & 82

Project Mission Statement:
To restore and make available to the public 78 Derngate and to thereby deepen understanding and broaden awareness of the work and contribution of both Charles Rennie Mackintosh and W J Bassett-Lowke to its creation.

To that end the Trust will pursue the following objectives:

  • To make accessible to the general public by displays and exhibitions, primarily the works related to Northampton of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and W J Bassett-Lowke.
  • To provide an educational facility (for both children and adults) that will enable a greater understanding and interpretation of the work of these highly creative men, using computer technology and the internet.
  • To conserve and secure the building known as 78 Derngate.
  • To restore, in consultation with experts in the field, No 78 Derngate to its appearance as remodelled by Charles Rennie Mackintosh c 1916-1920 with either original furniture/ artefacts or if necessary pieces replicated to the very highest standard.
  • To provide exhibition space for the display of new design and craft work generated locally.
  • To promote the development of design/art/craft by facilitating meetings and lectures on the subjects.
  • To provide facilities for the general public visitor including restaurant, toilets, retail outlet, etc.
  • To use modern, efficient and effective building materials and technology to provide these educational and visitor facilities.
  • To provide an overall exciting new ”visitor experience” for Northampton.

First published in February 1999 In The Friends of 78 Derngate Newsletter Issue 4.
Author: Les Patterson
Transcribed 2018: Barbara Floyer

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