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Works featured in our social media are from many and varied sources and collections worldwide and, where possible, we include clear attributions.

We aim to present works that set in a wide artistic, social and cultural context the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh at 78 Derngate. This house, the only one in England designed by Mackintosh ( during 1916-17 ) drew upon numerous influences from the designer’s earlier work, his international connections and the prevailing artistic conditions during World War One. In turn other artists, designers and architects continue to be influenced by Mackintosh to the present day. We also include material relevant to Mackintosh’s patron, the owner of 78 Derngate in 1916. W. J. Bassett-Lowke.

78 Derngate is not an isolated work of art so one of the things to be gained by subscribing to our social media is to see a gradually unfolding story of where it sits in relation to British, European and world culture; a richer understanding of its significance.

Visitors to the house can enjoy the jewel of our own collection 78 Derngate. Our galleries house a constantly changing series of exhibitions from local artists – some influenced by Mackintosh. Our museum, no 80 Derngate features an extensive display telling the story of the house through the medium of curated information panels and original objects from the period. An interesting dimension to the project is that it is still an evolving story with new discoveries, understandings and viewpoints emerging and shedding fresh light on this fascinating work. Over time much of this information will appear within this very archive and we welcome questions, contributions and feedback here too.

As a subscriber to our social media you will also be able to keep in touch with the latest news for present-day visitors to the house. If you are yet to join us in person then we hope you’ll make plans to come and see us – a warm welcome awaits you. You can find visiting and further details at

Being a part of our social media ‘family’ allows you to keep in touch with all of this and also, we hope, to contribute. It’s only through the participation of people like you that the work to keep this house open to the public can continue – so thank you very much for your support.

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