This design for the cover of a book was one of six featured in the 78 Derngate Centenary Exhibition “Charles Rennie Mackintosh & The Great War“.


These designs were produced for Glasgow publishers Blackie & Son from around 1913. Mackintosh had initially been introduced to Walter Blackie in 1902 by his friend Talwin Morris who was then Art Director at Blackie’s publishing house. It is this introduction which led to him receiving the commission to design Blackie’s home, the Hill House in Helensburgh. In 1910 he also designed the memorial for the Blackie family in Glasgow’s Necropolis. Interestingly, Mackintosh seems not to have designed any books for Blackie during Talwin Morris’s tenure, and only started to accept commissions for book designs a few years after the latter’s death. The designs shown here span the period c.1913 – 1926. Visual elements of them relate to other works produced by Mackintosh during this period and the later designs resemble elements of decor seen at 78 Derngate.


Image and information reproduced by kind permission of  The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections.

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The Glasgow School of Art catalogue information. 
Book: ‘A Chinese command: a story of adventure in Eastern seas’ by Harry Collingwood [pseud.]; illustrated by Arch Webb.

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