This textile design was produced by Charles Rennie Mackintosh during his time in Chelsea (1915-1923). It featured in the 78 Derngate Centenary Exhibition “Charles Rennie Mackintosh & The Great War“.

Organic designs such as this reiterate Mackintosh’s lifelong interest in plant forms. The tulip was a motif often used in the late textile designs. Here Mackintosh has combined the tulip with a geometric lattice structure. This design was produced during the years the Mackintoshes lived in London, 1915-1923, and is unusually complete in comparison to his other surviving textile designs which do not usually show detailed motifs, repeats and colourways.

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The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery catalogue information. 
Textile design: tulip and lattice
CRE MACKINTOSH, Charles Rennie; (Scottish; 1868-1928)
pencil and watercolour on paper 39.8 x 28.8
Catalogue number: 41064

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